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Hotel Management

Department of Hotel Management and Catering Science

Our vision is to develop highly challenged hotel professionals who are ready to deliver and face the intensely global market. Our mission is to preparing students for leadership position in the hospitality industry through hands on experience and emphasis culinary skills, service management and employee supervision


The reason why Hotel Management so much is simple – it’s fun and skill – as in enjoyable. All the dynamics, all the shifting with different responsibilities and feeling when start training and end up in a managing position. It does not stop only with customer- facing part of the hotel but also has the opportunities and socialize with people representing a wide range of nationalities.

The hotel industry is a pretty interesting and pleasant domain to get involved in. As any other job, it has its ups and downs and that’s the great part of it. There is always place for innovation and there will always be innovators.



  • To plan a progressive education training scheme and to impart, though training both practical and theoretical knowledge of every face of hotel and catering.
  • To develop a scientific attitude to management techniques and skills.
  • To cultivate high standards of skills, morale, good personality on students demanded by the hospitality fraternity.
  • To inculcate habits of courtesy, discipline and hard work on the students and pride in the efficient accomplishment of task entrusted to them.

Course Contents:

B.Sc Hotel Management and Catering Science course follows the Credit Based Semester Scheme and spans for six semesters. The following list provides an insight into the subjects/papers that are studied in the course as per the prescribed syllabus.


Hotel Management and Catering Science Degree holders have immense chances in the following stream.

  • Management posts in classified star hotels and allied industries.
  • Airlines as Cabin Crew and Air Hostess.
  • Hospitality Executives in MNCs.
  • Hotel Management and Food Craft Institutes.
  • Catering Officers in cruising (ships).
  • Marketing and Sales Executives in hotels and MNCs.
  • Faculty in hotel management & food craft institute.
  • Administration in hospitals.
  • Catering officers in leading bank.
  • Catering officers in industrial Catering
  • Facility manager- information technology
  • Officers- Department of Tourism
  • Ample opportunity in going abroad
  • Catering Officers – Indian Railway


Members of Faculty

  • Mr. Harikrishnan G.G (Asst. Prof. & HOD)
  • Mr. Anoop Mohan
  • Mr. Jayarajeev.N.M
  • Mrs. Resmi.M

Rank Holders