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Department of Biochemisty & Microbiology

Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology

Biochemistry, the branch of science that explains the chemical basis of life is truly a merge of chemical sciences and biological sciences.  It undoubtedly touches the life and activities of human beings, animals and plants and plays very significant role in medicine/clinical diagnosis, agriculture, pharmacology, immunology, drug design, forensic science, food chemistry and biotechnology industry.  Microbiology, the science of microorganisms has immensely contributed to methods of disease diagnosis, prevention and control of infections, creating useful products, ensuring quality assurance for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, control of environmental pollution and waste disposal systems. These branches of biological sciences are intertwined with each other and so have made available numerous contributions worldwide. The powerful techniques for genetic manipulation and molecular engineering, currently in use, have stemmed from the close association of these disciplines.

The Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology was established in AJ College of Science & Technology in 2005. The department aims to promote education and research in the areas of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology   and Biotechnology by developing interdisciplinary programs through a flexible curriculum.  The department offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses affiliated to University of Kerala, strictly adhering to the norms laid down by the University Grants Commission.  The courses are handled by well qualified and experienced faculty members. The department collaborates with other central institutes in the state with a view to tune the students to hands on training and inculcate research attitude in them. The department houses spacious and well equipped laboratories with spectrophotometers,  electrophoresis units,  gel doc,  chromatographic chambers,  -20oC freezers, light microscopes,  high capacity autoclaves,  fermentors,  PCR etc

The merge of sophistication and intellect would evolve the department as a full fledged hub to train young brain and empower them to conduct cutting edge research in modern areas of Life Sciences

Members of Faculty

  • Dr. Reji Susan Biju (Prof. & HOD, UG Section)
  • Dr. Biju C. Mathew (Prof. & HOD, PG Section)
  • Mrs. Joicy Abraham
  • Dr. Noha Laj
  • Dr. Swathy S.S
  • Dr. Suja S.P
  • Dr. Sherin S
  • Dr. Rachanamol R.S
  • Dr. Jyothi.K.P